One of my favorite parts about writing is its ability to make me more mindful of the events and people in my life. I kept a flipping hilarious diary back in my elementary school days and have kept journals at various points in my life, but lately I haven’t practiced much diligence in writing down my thoughts about day-to-day life. As a result, I feel like I’m missing out on the full joyful impact of so many wonderful moments.

One of my favorite parts of the internet is its ability to spread positive energy. One of my Facebook friends has written a “Today I’m thankful for…” post every day for 835 days to date. Can you believe that? 835?! On the two year anniversary of her posts, she reflected on how thankful she was for this new happy habit she had created, and I was struck by how many other people commented on her post thanking her for brightening their days for two whole years. It got me thinking: how could I harness the power of the internet to make the world a better place?

A lofty ambition, perhaps, but something I find worthwhile. I look forward to posting my thoughts about moments that happen with my family, at work, or even while running errands, with the hope of not only increasing my mindfulness, but also encouraging readers to do the same.

March 17, 2015