About Me

I am, in a nutshell, Carolyn: a creative, organized, self-proclaimed nerd. As a sophomore English teacher by morning, I will always be a lover of books, words, and “light bulb moments.” As an artist and blogger (here and here!) by afternoon, I’m a lover of all things unique, pretty, and visual. But let’s get to the heart of it.  Above all, I am happily married to my {truly} better half, and we are the proud parents of our sweet baby girl, Annie, and Millie, our spunky beagle puppy.  The four of us live for Sunday night family dinners, lazy summer days at Lake Coeur d’Alene, long walks, and, let’s be real, epic Netflix marathons (after the baby goes to bed, of course).

I have been lettering and doodling for fun for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I made a habit of adorning the margins of my school notebooks and church bulletins with a litany of fonts and artwork…and that didn’t stop in adulthood! After starting this website as a lifestyle blog in March 2015, I quickly began receiving requests for custom chalkboards and lettering projects. I have operated this hand lettering business as a side hustle/passion project ever since. 

Cursive in Chaos exists on the premise that a little craziness in our lives is inevitable (and sometimes messy), but the minutes that make up each day are nonetheless filled with moments of beauty, simplicity, and thoughtfulness.  Through my various creative projects, I seek to capture those tiny fragments, hold them up to the light, and let them shine a little brighter; whether those moments are spontaneous or intentionally crafted, we could all use some beautiful cursive in our lives.  Still don’t get the name?  Read my first post to learn more!

Photos by Amber Glanville Photography

March 16, 2015