The Best Things in Life…

April 14, 2017

…aren’t things.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m an avid (read: obsessed) listener of Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft’s podcast, “Happier.” Back in Episode 74, their “try this at home” tip involved selecting a quote for your yearbook page. Inspired, Mike and I decided to start a family yearbook tradition. Each year, we plan to print a photo book (we got ours here) telling the story of our year. At the end, we’ll include the quote(s) that best encapsulates the year for our family. 

After a short deliberation process, the two of us selected this one for 2016…and, in one of the rare instances when having a baby is actually really convenient, Annie wholeheartedly agreed with us (ha!). 2016 was a year where we got rid of a lot of material things we didn’t use or need that, frankly, just weighed us down. At the same time, the nearly simultaneous loss of Mike’s grandmother and our beagle, Denali, along with the birth of our new baby — all within just four weeks — couldn’t help but remind us of what is truly important in life: each other. 

In 2017, I hope we can continue to keep our closets a little emptier, our people (and animals) a little closer, and, therefore, our hearts a little fuller.

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