Tea for Two

April 12, 2017

OH, BABY, was this baby shower an exciting one! Back in February, my friend Manda and I had all the details squared away with our expecting friend, Amy. The three of us felt pretty confident that, while scheduling a baby shower four weeks prior to Amy’s due date was certainly living life a bit on the edge, we were probably pretty safe. To be honest, I was more concerned Amy would just be uncomfortably pregnant and not really feel like going to a party come March 19 than the possibility that her baby girl might crash the party.

The best laid plans, right?

I’m sure you can tell where this is headed. In an exciting twist, sweet Eliana decided to enter the world four days before Amy’s baby shower. Since pretty much nobody (especially someone who has an unplanned c-section four weeks early) wants to go to a party just four days after giving birth, some of those squared away details had to change. However, for the guests, this was definitely one of those situations where all the twists and turns made the experience that much more memorable. A baby shower got to transform into a “sip and see”…and Eliana got to attend! Celebrating a beautiful new baby girl with a tea party (and lots of snuggles) was pretty lovely indeed.

With some inspiration from Pinterest and some free watercolor flowers clip art from Angie Makes, I designed my own baby shower invitation in Pages, then printed it on photo paper at Costco. This was such an easy way to make lots of custom invitations at a low cost. The first round went out in the mail, and the second round went out via text in digital form! This is why we save documents “just in case,” right?

Since most of the guests had never been to my house, I wanted to make sure everyone knew they were in the right place! A welcome sign on the doorstep is always a friendly reassurance that everyone is in the right spot.

Originally, I planned all kinds of “baby is brewing” chalkboards (I’m a fan of puns!), but that just didn’t make sense once Eliana was born. Also, “the baby is brewed” just sounded pretty awkward, honestly. However, I came across a tea party themed 2nd birthday party on Pinterest, and it suddenly dawned on me: in a slightly different way, we were now also throwing a “tea for two”…crisis averted!

Some sweet little baby sweaters in the windows added a little bit of color and a definite baby feel. Bonus: this only took me a couple minutes to hang. Fast and easy!

My mom made this “OH BABY” sign to use at two baby showers last summer. She glued large wood letters from Michaels onto a small wood stand. I freshened them up with a new shade of spray paint to match our theme, then added a pink linen banner from Target underneath to add a personalized touch.

Amy accidentally left Ellie’s “guestbook” at our house, so I got to take a peek…and it was so fun to see all the sweet little notes inside. I hope it will be special to her someday to look back and read so many loving messages from her first weeks of life. 

Welcome to the world, Eliana! It was so much fun to celebrate your arrival with all your wonderful friends and family.

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