Baby Chalk: Week 17

February 17, 2016

Reason #1 for this title: I am down to tiny nubbins of chalk (AKA “baby chalk”) and desperately need to buy more.

Reason #2 for this title: Well, because my chalkboard is all about the baby, of course!


Before I actually got pregnant, I had grand plans for all the crafty wonder I would create. Of all these dreamy, elaborate works of art, I was most excited to create a new baby chalkboard to document every single important moment of being pregnant (along with a super-cute weekly baby bump pic, of course).

…then reality struck, which meant:

  • It seemed like we suddenly had a lot of guests at our house, and nobody knew I was pregnant, which meant I would have to be super-stealthy about erasing the board every time someone came over…not to mention the fact that I recently noticed our entire neighborhood can see the chalkboard through the front window of our house. Secrets are not my forté, people.
  • The holiday season = I didn’t really have the time/energy to re-do the chalkboard every week.
  • We decided to have the interior of our house re-painted, which meant the chalkboard got banished to the basement for a few weeks along with the rest of our home décor. (Nooooooo!)
  • I was sick and tired all day, every day, which meant I honestly just didn’t feel very creative. Sadness.
  • There was NO WAY I was about to let anyone take an unnecessary photo of me thanks to a sudden onslaught of acne (thanks, hormones), a baby bump that actually looked like I just ate a little too much ice cream, and the fact that I just looked grey (probably thanks to 6 am dance practices). Ew.

Thanks for indulging in that brief pity party/laundry list of excuses with me. I swear I’m done now.

Props to you people on Pinterest who do this every week. I’m seriously way, way impressed with you!

While my other dreamy craft projects aren’t coming to fruition *yet*, I’m finally on the chalkboard bandwagon…and it’s just so much fun! 

Week #17: I didn’t make it into the picture (I am lazy, and setting up a tripod just felt like so much work!), but there were some seriously adorable new facts about Baby Sox last week!


I’m hoping the chalkboards will be something fun for us to look back on someday. Stay tuned for this week’s chalkboard — coming soon!



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  • Cynthia

    So cute and clever!

    February 17, 2016 at 4:24 pm Reply
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