Family Weekend

October 24, 2015

It was family weekend last weekend at Whitworth University…and I got to join in on the festivities by creating one of my favorite chalkboards to date!


Photo Credit: Dale Hammond

Creating this chalkboard definitely brought me back to my college days. I went to Whitworth for my Master in Teaching program — and I lived with my parents during that year — so participating in family weekend wasn’t really much of a novelty. However, when I went to Washington State University, I looked forward to our family weekends all…year…long.

As my parents only live about 90 minutes away from Pullman, that may seem a bit silly, but my dance team schedule often made it difficult to make trips home to see my family. Truth be told, I missed them like crazy while I was at school, so entire weekends spent together were the best! In reality, these were my favorite college memories; they were fully of fun traditions and lots of family time. 

So, in honor of Family Weekend at Whitworth (and #flashbackfriday, of course), here’s a fun little trip down memory lane.

Dad’s Weekend was always a fall highlight for us on dance team. Our dads got to perform with us at halftime of the football game (ha!), which never ceased to make my dad laugh…evidently he always hoped he would get to go down on the football field during a WSU game someday, but never imagined it would be to perform for the crowd. He’s a good sport, to say the least!


We even entertained our dads during the third quarter by switching places with the drummers and traveling around the perimeter of the field for performances during timeouts. I always secretly wanted to become a drummer (and while I know it’s not the same, I’m pretty awesome at the Rock Band Wii version), so my life was pretty much made during this game! Check out those mad tenor skills…


Technically this first picture of my mom and I is at Dad’s weekend (my mom just couldn’t miss out on the fun!), but Mom’s Weekend marked another favorite time of mine at WSU. We watched the fashion show, browsed the craft fair, hit up a baseball game, and ate lots of ice cream together at Ferdinand’s Creamery. Clothes, crafts, and dessert? Well, it’s no wonder why I counted down to this April weekend!


Since my grandma is in town, this weekend has turned into a sort of family weekend around here. We are off to enjoy another yummy dinner with the Green clan. I hope your weekend is full of lovely time with the people you love most!


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