Breathe the Autumn Air

October 12, 2015

Even though it’s been unseasonably warm this fall (75 degrees and sunny in October?!), the familiar crisp scent of autumn is definitely in the air. As a super-nerdy kid who always loved going back to school — truly, some things never change — that smell is definitely welcome in this house!

Mike and I aren’t nuts about Halloween decorations because, frankly, they are REALLY CREEPY! give me nightmares for days just aren’t our style, but we were so excited to bust out all our pumpkiny-harvesty goods around here that they made their debut at the beginning of September this year. I would say I’m worried I would get sick of them by Thanksgiving, but truth is, I’m not worried about that possibility in the least. Fall is my favorite. I don’t even care how “basic” that makes me sound. It’s how I feel, and I’m owning it…with a PSL in hand and boots on my feet, of course!

First step in our home’s fall transformation: erasing my favorite chalkboard of the summer and replacing it with a new design:


I got some super cute plaid chargers and faux wheat on sale at Michaels (inspired by the latest Pottery Barn catalog) to change up the dining room decor a bit…


One of my favorite fall decorations is the Lenox cornucopia my grandma bought us as an impromptu gift last year. It makes us feel extra-fancy when our decorations match our china!

Finally, I’m loving our new living room look. We snagged some cute new throw pillows at Home Goods (these ones were feeling a bit too summery!) and swapped out our summer candles for — what else? — a pumpkin spice one. 

How about you? What is your favorite way to decorate for fall? What makes you feel like the season has officially arrived?


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