A Sew Very Happy Birthday

October 5, 2015


As I’ve mentioned before, making greeting cards is one of my favorite craft room activities! Although I’m not much of a seamstress, I do enjoy incorporating a bit of sewing into my cards just to mix things up.

I had the perfect opportunity to do this on my sister-in-law Kristen’s birthday — I had stamped and cut out all the letters for the front of her card, and I just wasn’t loving the way they looked when I laid them out on the card. They really felt like they just needed to become a birthday banner to live up to their full potential, but they were too tiny to use with the twine I had on hand. Time to get creative!


The solution? A needle and a little bit of ivory thread!

DSC01560If you decide to try this yourself, you should know that I tried threading each letter from the front to hide the thread behind, but it didn’t work very well; the letters kept wanting to flip over, so I re-threaded all of the letters from the back (thread showing in the front), and everything stayed put much more nicely. Victory!

DSC01567DSC01569I finished off the look with some additional pattern stamping on the front, a ribbon closure, and my favorite detail: a stamped signature on the inside.


As Kristen has been one of my most faithful Cursive in Chaos readers, we just have to make sure we wish her a happy birthday from the blog…even though, truth be told, her actual birthday party happened over a month ago. Eh, we’re just dragging out the festivities, right? Happy birthday, SIL! I hope this year is the best one yet!


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