Baby Mail

June 25, 2015

I have a serious love of scrapbooking supplies…even though I haven’t actually scrapbooked anything in years (I had a killer scrapbook going in middle school). The collection started out contained in a 12″x12″x4″ box when I was 12, then expanded to a huge Rubbermaid container that I kept under my bed in high school and college, and now…well…I evidently need a whole drawer system (purchased during a 50% off sale at Michaels!) to organize all this lovely junk.


I mentioned I haven’t scrapbooked in years, so I probably ought to explain. I love making greeting cards! My sister used to jest that I spent hours crafting said cards just to put everyone else to “Martha Stewart shame” at Christmas, but I swear (seriously, I swear!) that’s never been my purpose. For me, it’s a way of personalizing a gift and, more importantly, showing the people I love that — well — I love them! 

Unfortunately, second semester of the school year hit me like a ton of bricks and I fell down on the card-making job for the past few months….but I’m baaaack! One of my first summer projects just had to include a sweet baby card for my dear friend Micaline’s new baby, Isaac. 

When I say “new baby” — well, I ought to clarify: Isaac is actually two months old. How did this happen?! Thankfully, Micaline and I both have long histories of running late over the course of our friendship (dating back to elementary school), so I knew she wouldn’t think twice about it!

Obviously Isaac is a boy, but I also know two month old babies don’t appreciate cards quite like adult women, so I wanted to somehow incorporate Micaline’s favorite color, pink, without making it feel too girly. I also aimed for a quilt-like look, as that always feels so sweet and baby-like to me. I sewed a button on the front of the card (the thread knot is hidden on the inside of the card with the “Welcome, Baby Isaac” paper) and used it to hold the card closed with a little bit of twine.

DSC01242DSC01249DSC01263DSC01247Although I wasn’t there to watch her open it (Micaline loves getting mail), seeing her reaction via Instagram was definitely the next-best thing. Technology makes long-distance friendship oh-so-much more fun!

IMG_4383Here’s a belated welcome to the world, Baby Isaac! You are already so loved.



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  • lindsayliving

    Oh my, Carolyn! That is the most adorable card and baby gift I’ve seen in a long while. I love that book, too, the Pokey Little Puppy! I’ve had it since I was a baby, too, and now it’s in my classroom for my students to read. You are such a sweet friend. I love those friends you can be “late” with and it’s no worry. We all have busy lives and need to give each other a break once in awhile, right?

    July 2, 2015 at 10:13 am Reply
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