Soft Landing

June 18, 2015

Whenever I buy throw pillows, I can’t help but think of Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly — he has this OCD awesome routine with all of his throw pillows on his bed that I can’t help but identify with. Then Polly (Jennifer Aniston) comes along and takes a knife to his throw pillows and “liberates” him.


Photo Source: Under the Roof Decorating

Gahhhhh, the pain. I don’t want to be liberated!

Call me crazy (I’m sure my husband does; this house was pretty much devoid of throw pillows pre-Carolyn), but I just love those colorful, decorative squares of 100% goose down filling.

That’s why purchasing some new ones for our living room has lingered on my mental to-do list for months. We have so many cute Christmasy ones, but the rest of the year, I had this perpetual feeling that our living room just didn’t feel quite pulled together.

*Cue husband eye rolling*

A quick trip to TJ Maxx later, I have some summery down throw pillows in blues, whites, and tans that not only make me feel happy to look at, but also make for quite the soft landing when I collapse on the couch.


They very much remind me of my Grandma Green’s dishes at her lake house, and that just amps up the summer vibe!

dishes 2

Photo Source: House Mix Blog

Don’t worry; Denali approves.DSC01219



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