The Big Three-Zero

June 16, 2015

Evidently it’s a big year for anniversaries in this family! In April, Mike’s grandparents celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary. Most recently, on June 1st, my parents celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary! Feeling pretty confident that our parents’ marriage would make it a couple more days, all of us “kids” schemed together to come up with a surprise anniversary party on May 30th. 

Surprise party…so much fun, right?! Well, it was a blast once the cat was out of the bag, but leading up to it…well, let’s just say I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around. I’m a little ball of stress these days as it is, and keeping a secret from my parents was certainly not the easiest thing in the world. Knowing I’m a terrible liar (seriously), I basically lived life in a constant state of paranoia that I would slip up and tell my mom about our plans. Because, you know, I tell my mom pretty much everything, so why wouldn’t I call her up and ask her for advice on how to plan her surprise party?

It sounds ridiculous, but I almost did.


Somehow my siblings and I held it together, and my parents seriously had no idea what was happening when they pulled up to our house for dinner and saw a limo out front…to the point where they walked right up the front door and rang the doorbell, assuming the limo was for our neighbors. Perfect. We got their attention, loaded everyone up, and took them on a limo ride right down to Anthony’s for dinner, where they discovered a room full of family and friends ready to celebrate the huge milestone! It was truly a team effort. My brother made an awesome slideshow of their wedding and honeymoon pictures that gave everyone a good laugh. My grandma even baked them a cake (and decorated it beautifully!) so they could relive their wedding reception. Minus the big hair and poofy sleeves, of course.

These two? They are amazing individuals, and an even better couple. I am lucky to call them my mom and dad.

DSC01081DSC01084DSC01088DSC01091DSC01094DSC01101DSC01107DSC01126As you can see, nobody had any fun at this party. Nope. Not one little bit.

Cheers to you, Mom and Dad!



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