Chalk Therapy

June 8, 2015

Thursday and Friday of last week were pretty rough days for me, so heading into the weekend, I decided it was time for a little surge of something new and pretty around here.

Cue chalk therapy!

DSC01144Working on crafty projects like this seriously does feel pretty therapeutic for me. Hours tend to fly by unnoticed as I get into my “state of flow” (seriously, check out that video link…I’m a little obsessed with TED Talks right now!). The flowers my sweet husband brought me at work sure didn’t hurt either. 🙂

This chalkboard is all about happy combinations. First off, I had so much fun finding a way to combine three summery graphics I found on Pinterest from garvinandco, longdistanceloving, and burnettsboards :

Chalkboard 1 Chalkboard 2Chalkboard 3

Also, the combo of my chalkboard and John Mayer lyrics is pretty unbeatable — it brings me right back to my high school days of making a ridiculous and slightly inappropriate music video with my friends Micaline and Courtney to another one of his hits, “Your Body is a Wonderland” (because dancing around in my bathroom was evidently way cooler than the actual video). Now I’m going to just go live in denial about the fact that my high school students probably do weird stuff like that too…

While my ego is feeling pretty beat up right now, let’s be real: there is so much to be joyful about and look forward to. Especially summer vacation. Four more school days to freedom!

DSC01149DSC01147Happy almost-summer!



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