Bright Spots

April 22, 2015

We have a serious “problem” going on right now: we have had warm, sunny days for a full week straight in April!!!

“What?!” You exclaim. “Why on earth might you call this a problem?”

If you had that thought, I know you must not work in a school…because not only do days where the sun’s out bring “guns out!” (I have seen more bro tanks lately than I hoped to ever see in a lifetime), but they also make the kids pretty cray-cray, if you know what I mean.

I’m definitely making light of all this. Truly, the past week has brought some major professional challenges for me with some pretty awful student behavior. But, you see, the point of this blog is not to go into detail about all the icky chaos — my initial purpose was to search for the moments of beauty. Basically, over the course of two pretty generally not-so-great days, I intentionally searched for some beautiful moments.

Have you ever tried to do this? 

Two words: not easy.

Two more words: worth it.

Here’s what I saw when I re-framed the past 24 hours of my work life:

  • A student who brightened my hectic morning by sharing this joke: “What is Whitney Houston’s favorite form of coordination?” *To the tune of “I will always love you:* “Hand-eyyyyyyyeeeeeee…” 
  • A student who has struggled to finish work all year long REJOICE when he finally completed his essay!
  • A student who went from the main source of my frustration yesterday to voluntarily helping me clean up the classroom at the end of the period today.
  • This anonymous note from a student I found in my inbox: “Mrs. S: Thanks for trying to be fair and understanding since it’s really easy to to do the opposite. It really helped my stress go way down. 🙂 “
  • Thirty students who worked together to combine all 40 of our vocab words into one beautiful, nuanced, cohesive statement.
  • A colleague who shared her own similar struggles to help me find solace that this would all get easier with time.
  • A calming, sun-drenched 30 minute drive to and from a FREE teaching training!

While I’m enough of a realist to hold off a bit on taking my class outside for English (it’s all downhill from there!), I’m getting better at finding the bright spots, embracing the sunshine, and choosing joy.

What bright spots have you experienced so far this week?


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