Update U

April 10, 2015

This title looks awfully weird typed out, but in light of the fact that I’m currently humming along to the tune of Beyonce’s “Upgrade U”, I would like to think it makes a teeny bit more sense.

Yesterday, Mike informed me that the Easter chalkboard was officially out of date. I gave him a funny look and said, “Really?!”

Then I flitted over to the dining room and checked the thing out.

photo4 (1)

Then I tried being hilarious.


Then I looked the thing square in the eyes face frame (?) and sang out, “It’s time to update u, update u!”

At this point, I ought to clarify that I was also home alone — I can’t have you all thinking I’m a total weirdo.

I printed out another cute printable (this one is courtesy of a lovely blog called Dear Lillie), cranked up the Ingrid Michaelson (I clearly know how to partay), and got to work.

what a wonderful world

After a few failed attempts with the curved letters, I came up with a solution that worked pretty well…


…and I just went back and erased my guiding lines later!


I finally got it all sketched out…


…and after filling in the letters (check out more lettering details here) and rearranging some decor, I have a brand spanking new chalkboard design!



I didn’t get to say it to my students today, so I’ll say it to you. Happy Friday!


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  • baholbert

    How do you write words with chalk so beautifully. I can remember when I started teaching, I used to bust chalk every other word and it was, well, unreadable.

    April 10, 2015 at 6:12 pm Reply
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