Spring Pinspiration

April 2, 2015

I’m pretty sure this is the third post in a row where I’m going to talk about Spring Break. Can you tell I’m excited?

Let’s be real. Who wouldn’t be excited about 10 days with no work or school? Truth be told, I have had many breaks in the past where I slept or just “lazied” most of the days away watching entire seasons of Gilmore Girls. I make no apologies for this. For me, teaching typically operates in one of two fashions — I’m either sprinting a marathon or doing…well…nothing (i.e. Winter Break, Spring Break, and the month of July). While relaxing is so, so wonderful, I find that the end of a break of nothing doesn’t tend to leave me feeling terribly wonderful. This year, I want to try to, of course, spend some time relaxing, but I would also like to be a bit more proactive about spending time actually doing things — just making sure they are “things” that recharge my batteries.

Time to get inspired. My favorite place to find inspiration is, hands-down, Pinterest, so it’s actually time for some Spring Pinspiration, people!


Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Yesterday my mom and I were talking about ways to celebrate Easter now that we don’t have any little kids around to freak out about the annual Easter egg hunt in our backyard (…in reality we were pretty psyched about the last one…two years ago…but I suppose we can grow up if we have to…). We can’t wait to try out this Pinterest craft this weekend! There is a super-cute video here too. Evidently all you need is real silk fabric (ties or scarves work), white fabric, zip ties, a pot of boiling water, and, of course, eggs. I am already plotting a thrift store run after school tomorrow to find some beautiful colors and designs!

Eggs 1


Spring Chalkboard Art

In the midst of re-doing the craft room, writing sub plans, and leaving for our trip, the chalkboard has been on the backburner. I promised a tutorial, and I can’t wait to deliver! Here are some of my favorites right now (click on the pictures for the Pinterest links).

chalkboard 1

chalkboard 2

chalkboard 3

chalkboard 5


Spring into Baking

As far as I’m concerned, spring is still a great time to bake (a hot summer kitchen is another story), but many of my favorite recipes would say otherwise. I’m on a mission to find some warm{er} weather versions of some of my favorites: pumpkin scones and apple pie. I’m clearly more of a fall girl. But hey, September is several months away, and nobody should have to wait that long for baked goods. Here are some scone and pie recipes I want to try out (again, click pictures for links):

Okay, I think that is enough to keep me pleasantly occupied for the next week! Teacher and student friends — only one more “get up.” We can do it!

Do any of the chalkboard “Pinspirations” strike your fancy? Tell me your favorite in the comments below!


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  • Grandma

    I have a wonderful orange, cranberry scone recipe I will share, very yummy and fresh!

    April 4, 2015 at 10:44 pm Reply
    • Carolyn

      Yum!!! That sounds great!

      April 8, 2015 at 4:34 pm Reply

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