Get Fresh: Part Four

April 1, 2015

This post is part of a short series about revamping my Craft Room to make it a true oasis. To read the previous post in the series, click here. To read the series from the beginning, click here.

Oh, people…home, sweet home. I had so much fun on our trip in Monterey (check out some of the pictures here, here, and here), but nothing beats sleeping in our own bed, eating home-cooked, healthy meals (thanks, Mike), and hanging out with Denali. Also, silly me — I was pretty excited to get back to my freshened up craft room and finish some projects to share with you. I’m on home stretch now!

Again, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I have two additional organization projects from the craft room to share with you. The next (and final) post in this series will be all about the pretty stuff. Stay tuned!

Part One: #scrapbookingproblems

If you’re like me and have a love for all paper crafts, you will understand my massive scrap paper dilemma. I frequently use my Cricut Expression 2, my paper cutters, or just plain old scissors to craft all different shapes and sizes of paper for scrapbook projects and greeting cards. Because of this, I had quite the scrap collection going. I’m a bit of a pack rat anyway (Who in the world keeps every “A” paper from 7th grade?! Um…guilty…), so this simple fact coupled with my perceived actual need to use spare scraps on future projects was creating a pretty decent mess. As we all know, when stuff gets messy, we can’t find what we need, we can’t use what we already have, and then we become pretty dang wasteful.

That’s right. I was both hoarding and wasting precious scrapbook paper. Ohhhh, the agony.

I’m really excited to see how my latest solution to this *very serious* issue pans out. Check out my new {to me} little scrap paper boxes:


I recycled these adorable grey and cream chevron Paper Source boxes from my bridal shower; my sister had the very hilarious idea of using them with some Cards Against Humanity for a game. I carefully removed her labels and used some blush Paper Source card stock left over from our wedding programs and a few Zots to re-label them according to color. My hope is that their close proximity to the Cricut and the paper cutter will make this an easy new system to adopt. In the meantime, I love how they look sitting on my desk!

Part Two: Sew Easy

Prior to this project, I had an entire desk devoted to my sewing machine and accessories. This is one of those somewhat painful situations where I had to let go of the person I wanted to be and just acknowledge who I actually am in this moment. I dream of becoming a seamstress (especially a quilter) someday, but so far my quilt tally = zilch (Grandma, we’ve gotta change that). On the flip side, I had no devoted writing space, but I write almost every day. If I actually learn how to quilt/learn how to actually use my sewing machine for anything more than a quick little seam someday, I will certainly reorganize. In the meantime, I came up with a solution to use a rolling cart I previously used for gift bag storage (to the basement they went!) for my sewing machine and accessories.

Only one problem…the cart didn’t come with an actual top on it! It originally had an open top with a bunch of little nifty compartments that I used to store miscellaneous ribbon scraps, clothespins, pipe cleaners, etc. I tried balancing the sewing machine on top anyway and instantly knew the precarious arrangement was a pretty terrible idea.

Just kidding — one more problem: I didn’t want to spend gobs of money on this little refresh project of mine, so buying something new wasn’t really in my budget. Time to get creative! I whipped out my tape measure, got some dimensions (14.5″ x 17.5″) and headed to Home Depot. After aimlessly wandering for an absurd amount of time, a very nice employee noticed I looked lost and took pity on me. He helped me find a piece of wood that was already painted white (!!!) for around $10, then measured and cut the wood so it would fit perfectly on top of my cart. Considering my somewhat paralyzing fear of knives, I certainly wasn’t about to grab a saw, so I was pretty grateful for his help! I also still have about half of the board left to use for a future project, TBD.

photo1 (4)

When I got home, I settled that board into place, moved my sewing machine to its new home, and did some drawer organization and labeling (I used the same blush paper from the scrap boxes)…and I’m so happy with the outcome. I would love to add a hinge or some sort of slider to the “lid” someday soon so I can easily access those little storage compartments, but in the meantime, I am psyched to have created a whole extra workspace in my craft room with this one little “sew easy” fix (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun opportunity there).

What do you guys think? Any DIYers out there with creative ideas to make this little cart topper even more user friendly?



To read the next post in the “Get Fresh” series, click here.

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  • grandma

    you diffinatly did not inherit you organizational skills from your grandmother…I think you can teach me a thing or two!

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