Linen Line Up

March 29, 2015

In honor of the fact that spring break is quickly approaching (one more week!!!), I have another organization project to share with you tonight! We are going to live the glamorous life and talk about napkin storage. I know — that sounds like a boring topic, but this is one of those things I place in the “you know you’re an adult when” category. I go through life thinking I’m actually very much still a kid, and then I get psyched about linen storage. And then I know the awful truth…;)

Sadly, I don’t have a “before” picture for you because this was a pre-blog project. You’ll just have to imagine a closet of absolute cloth napkin madness. Those things were all over the place, I tell ya! We had tried folding them and storing them in baskets, rolling them and storing them in a wine rack, laying them flat in one big pile…none of which worked all that well and typically ended with me super annoyed and unable to find what I wanted to put on our dinner table. No good! Something had to change. Here is the happily organized outcome:

photo1 (3)

I started this project by ordering a few inexpensive supplies on Amazon — velvet hangers, skirt clips, and pant hangers. I ordered significantly more than I thought I needed as I use these same hangers for my clothes (they are amazing!) and can always use a few extras.

Honestly, the hardest part of this was the prep work. As I mentioned before, the linen closet was a total mess, so I spent a good chunk of time ironing all of the linens and sorting the napkins into neat piles (I wanted to make sure all the corners lined up).


From there, I just attached the skirt hangers to the velvet hangers…


…carefully clipped each pile of napkins into the skirt clips…


…and that was it! I organized the finished hangers in our closet by color so I could find what I wanted as quickly as possible (or easily mix and match the ones that coordinate).

photo2 (3)

A few months later, this system has definitely stood the test of time; the closet is still just as neat and tidy as it was when I finished organizing it in December.

What are your favorite closet storage hacks? Do you have any upcoming spring cleaning projects for spring break?




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