Get Fresh: Part Three

March 28, 2015

This post is part of a short series about revamping my Craft Room to make it a true oasis. To read the previous post in the series, click here. To read the series from the beginning, click here.

Today is the day that Mike and his choir students have talked about since August, the day that instigated this whole trip in the first place: the jazz competition. The kids performed at 2:00 this afternoon, and while we don’t know the results yet, they felt great about their performance. In my book, that’s always the most important thing!

Before they hopped on stage and sang their hearts out, we had to make sure they had plenty of fuel, so we took a quick walk over to The Wharf Marketplace. I remember seeing it down by the beach when we made this same trip to Monterey last year, but we never quite made it there for a meal. After eating lunch on their sundrenched patio, we realized the error of this oversight. Yum! I may have enjoyed my BLT (with perfectly crisp, thick cut bacon, oh-so-fresh tomato and lettuce, and a freshly baked ciabatta bun) almost as much as the natural, beachy ambience of the place. Seriously. If you ever end up in Monterey, this market and cafe is on my must-visit list.








Those cute little succulent pots on the tables inspired me to share the next segment of my Craft Room refresh from last weekend with you tonight, as I now have living indoor plants! This is a big deal for this not-so-green-thumb kinda girl.

On that note, if you’re like me and have a knack for killing plants, these tips are for you! I made a point of choosing greenery that requires minimal upkeep — the fact that succulents grow in the desert should give you an inkling as to why I swiped these babies up, despite my terrible track record!

Succulent Planter

When my Grandma Comstock first gave me this little pot as a housewarming gift, it held some pretty succulents and flowers as well that made my kitchen feel so happy. Unfortunately, these plants faced some serious neglect over time, and even though they met my carelessness with great resilience and held on for two whole years with only a handful of waterings (so terrible), I discovered that they had officially bitten the dust when I started this project. *Facepalm.* Guys, I killed a cactus. I swear I make a better puppy mama than I do a plant mama!

After giving the pot a fresh coat of Robin’s Egg paint in the last stage of this project, I set out to bring some new life to the room:

  1. I read about a million online tutorials on planting succulents and determined it was possible for me to actually keep them alive.
  2. Time for a Home Depot run! I chose my succulent varieties based purely on color, but then carefully inspected the actual plants I purchased for health as I didn’t think nursing a plant would be a realistic option for these typically brown thumbs. Please ignore the spray paint covered fingers…:)image image imageimage
  3. I made sure that my pot had appropriate drainage (thanks, tutorials). Because it never had a hole in the bottom to begin with, I created a drainage system with gravel, which has worked just fine so far! If I need to, I will try drilling my own hole I will ask my husband to drill one for me, but I’d like to try to avoid this mess (both the drilling mess and the drainage mess) if possible.
  4. I filled my pot about 2/3 of the way full with loose potting soil.
  5. After gently removing my little plants from their plastic pots, I massaged the roots and then arranged them in my planter.
  6. When I finally determined a “perfect” arrangement, I filled the rest of the pot with soil and gravel.IMG_3529image
  7. Succulents need lots of sun! I found a nice new home for my complete pot in the windowsill in my writing area (more on this change later).

Air Plant Terrariums

Oh man…I was so excited about the outcome of that little succulent planter that I just couldn’t stop there (baby steps aren’t exactly my forte). When I discovered some sweet little glass terrariums at TJ Maxx ($3-$4 each — a steal!), I knew they needed a home in my craft room as well.

After a bit more online research, I found out that there are actually plants known as “air plants” that are so low-maintenance that they don’t even need soil. Say what?! Now that’s my jam.

FYI, when I asked about air plants at Ritter’s, our local nursery, the woman looked a bit puzzled until she realized that I was talking about Tillandsia (their actual name) — so if you decide to try this project out, you might try that name in your search instead! I actually snagged the last three “Tillys” they had in stock for the week (they’re evidently an in-demand item), so don’t be disappointed if it takes you a while to land your own little low-maintenance beauties. After packing them up and taking them home, this is what I did:

  1. Following the advice of the very helpful ladies at Ritter’s, I soaked my air plants in the bathroom sink for approximately 30 minutes prior to placing them in the terrariums.image
  2. I laid the plants out on a towel and made sure they had a chance to dry almost completely.
  3. Exercising extreme care (the glass is sooo fragile), I placed each air plant in its own little home.
  4. Air plants in glass globes should not be placed in direct sunlight (Remember the ant under the magnifying glass? Same idea…), so I made sure to hang my terrariums away from the window where they would get some filtered, indirect sunlight to keep them green and healthy.image

Um…that’s it. There are no more steps. Seriously! Maintenance of these cuties is even easier — just three spritzes of water about 1x/week for the big globe, and one spritz of water for the smaller globes. Soak for 20-30 minutes 1x/month.

I love these little pops of green so much that I am determined to keep them alive…and that actually feels like an attainable goal for me because I {hope I} picked the right plants for me! They make me smile every time I walk in the door.

How about you? What indoor plants do you keep in your home? What tips and tricks do you have for keeping them alive? 

Happy indoor gardening for now…I’m looking forward to doing some outdoor gardening in the near future!


To read the next post in the “Get Fresh” series, click here.

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