Ode to the Beagle

March 27, 2015

As a true homebody at heart, I always miss our routine and the seemingly trivial comforts at home whenever I’m out and about; even when I’m having fun traveling — I love the adventure of seeing new places, eating at new restaurants, and even getting lost in new neighborhoods (which is probably why I studied abroad twice in college!) — I feel an undeniable tension between the excitement of all the unfamiliar and the ease of our comfy, known familiar.

Overall, I still embrace that unfamiliar. I just wish our little beagle were a better traveler so she could come along for the ride! While Denali’s Grandma Jeannie, Grandpa Richie, and Auntie Kristen are undoubtedly spoiling her like crazy (we are clearly a family of crazy dog people), we just can’t help but miss that cute little “punkinhead”…and can you blame me when you see cuteness like this?


Seriously. That is some “stupid cute” stuff, as Mike would put it!

So today, as I exclaimed, “I miss Denali!” every time I saw someone walking their dog in downtown Monterey (which happened about every two minutes) or whenever I saw sea lions snuggling down by the wharf in the sunshine (Denali loves a good sunny spot), it only felt appropriate to make my post a tribute to the little beagle who makes my everyday home life a whole lot brighter.

Ode to the Beagle

To the one with the tail that wiggles at everything from the smell of peanut butter to the word “go” — whether the phrase ends with “on a walk,” “to the lake,” or “to the gas station,” it all translates to a smile on our faces,

To the one with the racing stripe on her back that makes her “so fast!” and the perfect button on her chest to dress for success, no matter the occasion,

To the one with the belly that will never totally fill with Greenies and can never soak up enough belly rubs before we have to leave for work each morning,

To the one with the perfectly oversized velvety ears that droop so adorably into her water bowl whenever she laps up the good stuff,

To the one with the fuzziest little white paws that help her crawl up onto our faces and remind us that it’s breakast time! at 6 am on the weekends,

To the one with the big lovey brown eyes that remind us it’s impossible to actually get mad about that early morning wake-up call,

To the one with the howl that tells us she loves her humans so much that she will stop at nothing to protect us from the many “evil intruders” in our life…like the UPS man with my Amazon package, the neighbor kids selling Girl Scout cookies, and my parents coming over for dinner,

To the one who knows the best cure to sickness is a day spent snuggling together under an electric blanket,

To the one who always knows when I’m upset and picks the perfect moment to nuzzle her way into my lap and just be there,

To the one who lulls us to sleep with the little snorty sounds of her beagle snores every night,

To the one who won my heart the second she put her paws on my shoulders and licked my face on that first day we met,

To the one who brought our little family together in the first place:

You have taught me that cuddles and a nap are the best antidote to a rough day.

You have reminded me not to take life too seriously.

You have shown us that all we need is love…and a dog.

What about you? What kind of dog does your family have? What do you love most about your furry friend?

Hug your puppy for me today!


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  • grandma

    We know EXACTLY how you feel!

    March 27, 2015 at 9:28 pm Reply
  • baholbert

    Love it and feel the same about my dog!!!

    March 27, 2015 at 3:39 pm Reply
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