Get Fresh: Part Two

March 25, 2015

This post is part of a short series about revamping my Craft Room to make it a true oasis. To read the first post in the series, click here

In my first “Get Fresh” post, my powers of laser beam focus and brute…er…arranging skills?…helped me conquer the Closet of Doom! What a feat. Unfortunately, while my previously scary closet is now actually quite lovely, I still see some enemies of darkness out there in this craft room– so I’m going to deem today Mission: Eradicate Gloom! Think the rhyming titles are cheesy? Psh. As my darling sophomores would say, “Sorry, not sorry.” 😉

All sassiness aside, I’m actually really excited to show you a few fun, colorful transformations that took place this weekend!

Let me start by introducing you to my new friends I met at Home Depot: Satin White, Matte Iced Gray, and Matte Robin’s Egg:


Yes, I have befriended three cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint. No, I don’t think I have a problem. In all seriousness, this spray paint is the best. It cost a couple dollars (literally…$2) more than the standard variety, but it has some amazing features that justified the splurge for this thrifty girl:

  • It’s a Paint & Primer in One ($ and time saving)
  • It works from any angle (decreased need to move/rotate object — therefore, decreased chance of ruining the paint job because I’m too impatient excited to wait for it to dry)
  • It’s neat and clean, with minimal drips (no more less paint all over my hands)
  • It’s ergonomic (my finger didn’t cramp up from spray painting — this is serious stuff, people)

These three colors are also such pretty, airy shades of creamy white and pastel blue-green that I just couldn’t resist — I knew I had some dark, gloomy items in my craft room that I loved too much to discard or replace, and these fresh colors would certainly brighten them up and make them feel new again.

I’m going for a bright, light feeling in this room, and some of these dark hues just wouldn’t fit with my “vision”!

Now it’s time for the transformation! Here’s how I defeated the gloom:

  1. I laid out a large drop cloth in our unfinished basement. Side note: if possible, don’t do a project like this inside your house. I wish I had done this in my garage, where there is more ventilation for all the icky fumes! Thankfully, our basement has a large, full-size window that helped tremendously, but a few days later, the smell is still faintly lingering…
  2. Due to the size of the space, I was able to comfortably paint 2-3 items at once…possibly more if all of them were becoming the same color (in which case over-spray was perfectly okay). I spread them out on the drop cloth and moved peripheral items as far away from the spray zone as possible.photo3
  3. For most of the objects I worked with, I didn’t need to tape anything off (for the small picture frames, I just removed the picture and the glass prior to painting). However, I had no way to dismantle my large framed print, so this required some painters tape + kraft paper action in advance…and Goo Gone Spray Gel to fix a few slip ups — worked like a dream. IMG_3539
  4. I started by spraying each item from a 6-8″ distance in slow, even movements (keep the can moving constantly to avoid drips), forming a light coat of paint. I made sure to look at each item from as many angles as possible, walking all the way around it and crouching down/standing up in each location. Thankfully, the cans sprayed nicely no matter the angle (again, $2 well-spent)!photo4
  5. The awesome news: spray paint dries really quickly. I worked out a rotation where, by the time I had finished the first coat on each item, I could start on the second round of coats almost immediately — I tried to give each coat 7-8 minutes to dry. The can says to use “two or more light coats,” so I adjusted this according to the original color of the item; as you can imagine, the black stuff needed several coats since this new paint is such a light shade.photo1 (1)
  6. At this point, I should have allowed my freshly sprayed items to, at the very least, dry overnight, or even a full 24 hours. However, I wanted to put everything back together so badly that I made the rookie mistake of smudging a few flawless paint jobs and then having to clean up the mess and re-paint, which was totally silly. Thankfully, the end results are fine, but in my book, extra sleep is always better than pretty much anything else!

Are you ready to see the end results of my painting frenzy? I am so, so excited to show you!


This “girl” (a gift from my grandma) was already adorable with black legs, but after I painted them Robin’s Egg, I decided they should have always been this color. I can’t get over how cute this corner looks!


In my cottage kitchen, the dark green of this pot (a gift from another grandma) was perfect with my color scheme…but I’m even more in love with, again, this perfect Robin’s Egg shade.

photo2 (2)

I considered going Robin’s Egg with my black chairs too (also previously from my kitchen), but decided I might start pushing into the “too much of a good thing” realm! The Iced Gray has a little hint of blue that makes these chairs look so soft and pretty. For $24.99 at TJ Maxx, I also got two adorable yellow graphic print down pillows that make the chairs a little comfier while also tying them in with the yellow lampshade seen below.


Lastly, the fresh coat of white on these previously black picture frames instantly brightened up this wall (and hey, look: I actually hung the pictures this time!)…

photo1 (2)

…and this wall too!

I think it’s safe to say it…Mission Eradicate Gloom = accomplished. I’m already so in love with these little changes — I’m spending much more time in my favorite room than I have in quite awhile. I can’t wait to share more of them with you!

Speaking of which: did the plants you saw in some of these pictures make you curious? Find out all about them in the next installment of this series!


To read the next post in the “Get Fresh” series, click here.

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